Thursday, August 18, 2011

Still Sewing Pies

I'm still sewing on my Pies 8 are done, so it's only 92 left, but I havn't counted the tarts yet.

There has not been much sewing these past few weeks because my DH was admited to hospital. I used 1 hour to drive one way to visit him and with 2 boys, 3 horses, 1 ponny and 6 dogs I had my hands full, so to speak. :-) But things are better now. DH is home and school starts tomorrow, so then it's soon back to normal.


1 comment:

LeKaQuilt said...

Kjære deg, jeg skjønner godt at det har blitt litt mindre søm i det siste :o) Håper du tar vare på deg selv også.....!
Blokkene dine blir kjempe fine. Hærlige farger :o)


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